• Frequently Asked Questions about the Center of Hope


    Q.    Do people have to attend a church or prayer service before they can get a meal or shelter at your facility?
    A.    No, participation in any kind of religious activity is strictly voluntary. Our mission is to serve the people who need it the most without discrimination. To require participation in a service would be discriminatory.

    Q.     Do the men and women all sleep in the same room at the shelter?
    A.     No. We have separate dorms for each specific population; single men, single women and families.

    Q.     Do the majority of homeless people have a substance abuse problem?
    A.     Substance abuse is a problem in the homeless population as it is in all of society.

    Q.     What about mental illness? Are most homeless people mentally ill?
    A.     Like substance abuse, mental illness is a societal problem; so it is also a problem with our homeless guests.

    Q.     Is your shelter safe?
    A.     Yes.  We have uniformed security staff as well as other staff members who are trained in de-escalating potential violence.

    Q.     Do you verify citizenship before letting guests stay at your shelter?
    A.     No.   Again, our mission is to serve without discrimination, so we don’t require any kind of ID for a person to stay overnight in our shelter or get a hot meal.

    Q.     How long do life skills classes last?  How many guests take advantage of the classes?
    A    “Pathways” is the name of the program that has seven life skills classes lasting eight weeks each.  Those classes can be taken for as long as a guest wants.  The number of guests taking the classes varies.

    Q.     I hear that people come to the Center of Hope to get their utility bills paid.  How does that work?
    A.    The  Emergency Financial Assistance (EFA) program  helps prevent homelessness. People can apply for EFA by calling the Center of Hope and making an appointment.

    Q.     What’s the difference between the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless and the Center of Hope?
    A.     The Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless is also a non-profit organization that provides a place for homeless people to stay, primarily during the day.  It’s located next door to the Center of Hope.  The Center of Hope is primarily an overnight shelter /feeding center and social services facility for the homeless.

    Q.     How long can a person stay at the Center of Hope?
    A.     It depends on the needs of the individual

    Q.     What is your capacity for overnight guests and how often do you reach capacity?
    A.     We’ve never reached capacity, even during the major ice storms. Capacity is estimated at 350, but there is a multi-agency community plan in place to shelter more. The plan is reviewed and updated biannually.

    Q.     Are there certain times of the year when the Center of Hope accommodates more homeless people?
    A.    Yes. During extreme weather – either hot or cold – the number of overnight guests rises.

    Q.     Why do your leaders wear uniforms?  Do all of the employees of The Salvation Army have military titles/rankings?
    A.     Two categories of people work for The Salvation Army.  First, we have officers, who have rankings and are required to wear uniforms when conducting Salvation Army business.  The second category is employees who work for The Salvation Army in every kind of capacity who do not have rankings or uniforms.

    Q.     Does the Center of Hope provide childcare for homeless people?
    A.     No. When a homeless guest has a job or educational training that requires them to be away from preschool children, a case manager will work with them as needed to find child care. During the summer, The Center of Hope kids attend Summer Day Camp at the Boys & Girls Clubs.

    Q.    What does the Center of Hope need?
    A.    We are always in need of financial donations and volunteers.

    Q.    How can I volunteer?
    A.     A link to the volunteer page is on The Salvation Army’s blog page at www.salarmytulsa.blogspot.com. It will list all the possible volunteer positions.  People who are interested in volunteering can call the Area Command office at 918-587-7801 and speak to the Volunteer Coordinator who will explain various volunteer opportunities.