Housing Programs

  • Homeless individuals and families who are willing to work towards self-sufficiency through education and skills training are accepted into this two-year supportive program. People are given a comprehensive assessment of needs and individualized case plans are developed for success. Educational classes are an integral part of this program to ensure specific problem areas will be addressed that will help in job training opportunities.

    Duration of these programs: Two years
    Program Goals: Enhance individual and family relationships
    Instill effective life skills management
    Increase education and job training opportunities
    Improve employment potential and work ethics
    Improve knowledge of community support available
    Establish self-sufficiency
    Maintain substance-free lifestyle

    For more information call 918-582-7201. For a single person, ask for the Project Able Program. For families, ask for the Supportive Housing Program. For those with a substance dependency, please ask for Project Able Permanent Housing Program.