Tulsa’s Neediest Families Campaign

  • Tulsa World editorial: Tulsa World launches Neediest Families campaign again

    Posted: Sunday, November 27, 2016 12:00 am

    IBy World’s Editorial Writers | Posted: Sunday, November 27, 2016 12:00 am

    This holiday season, in conjunction with the Salvation Army, the World proudly opens another campaign to raise money to ease the pain of deserving families at Christmastime.

    This year’s goal is $300,000, and we would not be surprised if that goal is surpassed through the caring and giving of more than 1,500 donors who take part every year.

    This is money well spent. All funds raised go to help needy local families. None of it is used for fundraising or administrative costs. Families do not receive cash, but vouchers oTulsa Worldr actual goods they can use. Donations are tax deductible and donors can remain anonymous.

    The World picked up the campaign when the Tulsa Tribune closed in 1992. But its roots go much deeper. The campaign itself dates to 1928, which the Tribune then called the Santa Pal project. In 1949, the Tribune joined with the Salvation Army and the Neediest Families campaign was born.

    Throughout the Christmas season, the World will highlight the stories of families who have fallen on hard times and need some help to get back on their feet. The stories, always moving, are those of genuine misfortune and medicines online . Understanding that almost any family can suffer hardship through hard luck, disease and accidents makes us realize that, like those families in need, we all are only a heartbeat away from disaster.

    The families chosen to receive the aid have not abandoned hope, and trust in their ability to bounce back from any hardship and adversity. These families stick together in the toughest of times. These are the families that truly need a hand up.

    Times are tough for everyone, we understand that. Asking that you give at a time when you want to spend what money you can on your own family is asking a lot. But, it doesn’t take much to chip in to help these neighbors.

    And, as you will see in the upcoming stories, they certainly are deserving of our help.

    Our readers are a tough bunch, but they also prove over and over that they also are a caring and generous bunch. Again this year, we ask that you open your pocketbook and give as much as you can.

    Your support, as little or as much as you can spare, for the Neediest Families campaign is a Christmas gift that truly keeps on giving. And it brings a shining moment of hope and thankfulness to our neighbors in need.